This week, in response to popular viewer demand, we brought lighting expert and Strobist author David Hobby to the TWiT Brickhouse for an enlightening episode of TWiT Photo. David savors the opportunity to connect the entire gamut of photographers – from amateurs to pros – through online communities like strobist.com and Flickr. One of the his most notable accomplishments is making dynamic lighting accessible to everyone. With his content rich lighting courses, continuous stream of educational posts, DIY techniques and affordable gear recommendations, he has revolutionized the industry.

David explains to us how he went from a photojournalist to a lighting guru (though he is way too humble to call himself that), and how he still finds unlikely inspiration in his everyday world – which includes two children, his wife,and a whole lot of kids’ soccer matches (I hope that team realizes how lucky they are!). And, what is The Strobist’s favorite light modifier? A cheap bed sheet .….really. Watch the show for more DIY tips and advice for using gels and filters, and David’s recommendations for the best batteries, generators, and – of course – strobes.

“A little fill light from right near the lens axis can allow you to get away with almost anything else, lighting-wise.”

“When shooting in an iffy location, it is always easier to apologize than to get permission. If someone in authority is not actively telling you “no,” go ahead and try it.”

“When planning a photo, start off by thinking about what you want to accomplish with the photo. Think “big picture,” and work backwards to the details.”

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Next week: Food photographer Penny de los Santos!

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