Copycat Image For Sale $5000 on Left                                                                             Original Photo On Right

Copyright infringement in some form or another is a constant issue photographers struggle with, whether its having work copied by other photographers, or people blatantly claiming your work as their own. I often get requests from people who wish to create artwork directly from my photos, and I never know how to respond. The other day I received an email from a man interested in creating a painting from the image shown above.

Curious to see who exactly this artist was (and his artwork) I entered his name into a google search. Turns out this artist who was asking for my “permission” had already gone ahead and painted the portrait- over  4 months ago!  To top it off he also had listed the image for sale, asking for $5000 and not a single credit or mention was given to me!

Have you ever dealt with a similar situation- How would you handle it?


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