Deanna at Age 9, Virginia

After three weeks of wandering around the mountains without cell phone and computer I have to say…what an amazing experience. This trip was just as challenging as any of my international third world country adventures.

When photographing weddings and events everyone looks good, knows why I am there, and is prepared to be photographed. It is an extremely different experience to photograph strangers that don’t know you, your background or why you want to take their picture in the first place. The photographer is faced with the challenge of making their subject at ease despite these extenuating circumstances.

These last few weeks have reminded me how much a photographers energy and disposition effects the subjects willingness to let you into their world. To create honest imagery your subject has to let his or her guard down and truly trust your intentions even thought they don’t know who you are as a person or a photographer.

I am very pleased with the interactions I shared with the people of the Appalachian Mountains and the resulting images we created. Please stay posted to see upcoming imagery from the trip.

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