Establishing and summarily breaking New Year’s resolutions is, at this point, such a cultural cliché that I won’t even bother cracking a joke about it. When Google+ Community Manager Brian Rose posted this witty and self-deprecating “10 New Year’s resolutions for designers” from .net magazine, it struck me that I should create a similarly fun list for photogs. Here goes nothing!

  1. If you spend every Friday night with a glowing monitor, you may want to get out more.
  2. When you’re creating, listen to that hard knot in your gut. Let this be your guide – especially when an idea first strikes you as stupid or absurd. It might just be your jackpot.
  3. In the grand scheme of things, you are not that important. Don’t just keep your ego in check; how about just leaving it at the door.
  4. Being a perfectionist can paralyze you. At some point, you have to release your work into the world and let it go.
  5. Do you often ask yourself why someone you believe to be worse then you is über famous? Or really, just a lot more successful than you are? Stop comparing yourself with others. And oh, get a grip.
  6. Instead of imposing or manufacturing a style, act intuitively. This will allow you to evolve naturally and over time.
  7. There’s nothing worse than derivative art.  Don’t copy.
  8. You are absolutely, unequivocally the worst editor of your own work. Do not rely exclusively on your own eye. Consult with other people who you trust. Smart people ask for help.
  9. If you take risks, you might end up with terrible images….but sometimes you won’t. In fact, sometimes taking risks can result in your magnum opus. Risk-taking is the life blood of photographers evolving their craft.
  10. Don’t take shitty images and then think you can infuse them with inspiration by re-touching with Photoshop. Learn how to craft exceptional images in the first place. This is the true art of photography.

Agree with this post – except for #8, because in the long run you really do need to trust your gut feeling more than the feedback from others. So if you are the worst editor of your own work then it sounds like you really are relying on opinions from others to make crucial decisions (which there are a lot of for photographers).

It’s definitely a good idea to ask others and listen to them with an open mind, but in the end it’s always you who make the call.

(you = all photographers)

Enjoyed reading your post! Will be on the lookout for more.

// Bjarte

great post..and just a side note..you are gorgeous!

Agree with everything…except #7. We can endeavor to not copy or be derivative, but we all are anyway. Nothing is new under the sun. Everything we do, creative wise especially, has pretty much been done before. We all stand on the shoulders of the ones that came before us. We expand and extend what they did a little more.

Endeavor to not be derivative, but don’t let it paralyze you.

Catharine,#4 is me.

I think some of these 2012 resolutions also apply to the DJ business! Thanks Catherine Hall! These are great!

Ha, ha! I suppose they are cross-platform for all arts. At least your Friday nights behind a glowing screen are a lot cooler :)

Despite the initial fun impulse that lead to this post, you mentioned a few hot spots to be taken into serious consideration! And I’d be happy to be able to follow most of them :)

Well said. I love stuff like this. Thank you for sharing!

So true! You hit the nail on the head and gave me a chuckle!

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