The Nokia Lumia 1020


The Apple iPhone 4s

I think the grain, the blacks, and the skin tones speak for themselves here. Wow Nokia.
Is it a phone that has a camera? Or is it a camera that has a phone?

With 41 Megapixels, a Carl Zeiss lens, lossless zoom, RAW capture capability, and an actual Xenon flash, I can’t tell. This Phone-camera is quite an eye opener. I already made the switch to my iPhone as my only point and shoot camera as it’s always with me. However, being a photographer, I am continually frustrated by the lack of image quality. But as the saying goes, the best camera you have is the one you have with you. The Nokia Lumia 1020 finally gives you the option for a great camera that you will have in your pocket at all times. Gone are the days of being forced to sweat about image quality while still attempting to capture those fleeting moments of creative inspiration that occur while simply living.

Not only is the Lumia 1020 a great camera, the phone comes with all the fixings that a windows 8 device can provide. Easy navigation, apps, and UI make this phone a treat to use. The 1280×768 resolution, 4.5 inch display is amazingly clear. And the cases and accessories available for it give an even better user experience for shooting anywhere.

Did you guess that you can buy a camera grip with an extended battery, extra image/video storage, and a tripod mount for this “phone?” Shooting video on this phone is also a treat. The image stabilization that Nokia brings to this phone is paramount.

One item to be aware of is that with 41 Megapixels, images and video will quickly eat up your space. If you are using the camera regularly, the Camera Grip is a must buy.
Thank you, Nokia, for opening my eyes to the possibilities beyond the normal smartphone bubble.

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