Your baby changes so much during their first year, you will want to capture all of their milestones. With our experience we have put together our recommendations to help our clients know when is the best time to schedule a session.

Newborn –

Within two weeks of age is the best time for this first stage. During this time your baby is still malleable and can easily be scrunched and swaddled like they were in the womb. With a full belly they will easily slumber helping us capture the precious cuddly sleeping images in crazy unique poses.

3 months –

This is the stage they are now smiling. They know your voice and react with the cutest expressions. 3 months is the best time for tummy photos too, they are big enough to raise their head, but still small enough that they aren’t crawling. This is a great time incorporate older siblings as baby isn’t as fragile and it’s great to showcase the new addition within the family unit.

6 months –

This is wonderful time to capture photograph your little one as they are now laughing and their range of expressions is endless. At this age they can usually sit up with little to no assistance which gives us more freedom in session theme and location.

12 months –

This is the show off session. You can now see their new shiny teeth when they grin, they can pull up and stand, and most at this age are ready to show off their newly mastered walking skills.

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