After stepping into Viansa‘s wine cellar, I spotted Rachel.  A stunning Hollywood-style beauty, she readily embraced the extravagant photo shoot experience of dreams. Unusual in a wedding environment, a photographer couldn’t ask for more. What did we do with this freedom? Three Profoto D-1000s made the scene, a medium chimera with control grid as the key light, and a small chimera for the fill – and finally, the ever so inspiring rim light. Precariously placed down a corridor of wine barrels, with a blue gel, the rim light had two purposes: kissing Rachel with that soft blue sheen on her shoulder and skipping off the barrel sides illuminating the aisle.

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What a wonderful photo. The lighting is perfect but I’m almost more impressed with the focus. But maybe that is the point of good lighting. Great lighting should only be noticed after the subject, focus and composition…

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