Canon EOS 5D Mark II  |  26mm  |  1/125  |  f/5.6

Tallulah Novogratz, 12, and her best friend, Starsi Marie Howell drenched in paint in the Novogratz family home tub. I wanted to depict the strong bond and playful intimacy between best girlfriends during those vulnerable teen years – where you’re not quite a child, but not yet an adult. Tallulah was the art director of this shoot and came up with the idea to use paint. I should have known that the Novogratz’s 12-year-old would be a better art director than me.

*The Novogratz family is headed by successful interior designers, Robert and Cortney, owners of New York’s Sixx Design.


Thanks, Nicole and Tracey. I had a lot of fun photographing this shoot. Watch out for a full series in late summer featuring the entire Novogratz family :)

So creative! Beautiful colors, fun, close, artsy. Love.

Beautiful shot! I love that the girls came up with this idea…
Vulnerable and strong at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

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