Do you remember awkward middle school slow dances where the couples were arms length apart while dancing? It wasn’t very romantic was it?

Many couples are nervous when having their wedding photos taken and that is reflected in their body language. Physical space between the couple can read as emotional space between them. Definitely not the feeling you want conveyed on their wedding day! Watch their body language and encourage them to get close and snuggly. The resulting image will read as much more intimate and loving.

For more of Devorah and Carlo’s beautiful wedding, please see my previous blog post.

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I really wish photographers would stop using railroad tracks as backdrops. Every image like this sends the message that it is okay to trespass on railroad property. It is illegal and dangerous.


As a leader in your industry, you can make a difference by spreading the word.

Love TWiT Photo and your insight.

Hello Roger, You do bring up a good point. These particular tracks are now inactive but it does not necessarily send the right message. Have you had an unfortunate experience with something like this?

Thanks for your support of TWiT Photo!

My interest is more professional. My day job is working for the Indiana Department of Transportation in the office of traffic safety. One part of my job is coordinating highway-rail grade crossing public outreach with Operation Lifesaver. When out on field checks for grade crossing safety improvements we see people trespassing frequently.

Taking one type of setting off a nearly endless list of choices does not seem to place too much burden on the creativity of photographers.

You have a powerful platform in TWiT Photo, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Thanks for your kind words and consideration!

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