In this episode of TWiT Photo, we take a look inside Google+ superstar Colby Brown’s “Dexter kill-room.” Just kidding, Colby! Like last week’s guest Jasmine Star, Colby only picked up a digital SLR in 2006. In just 5 short years, he has not only amassed an impressive client roll that includes National Geographic, the professional photographer has also become a social media leader by sharing his amazing work and helping to grow a vibrant community of photography enthusiasts. The travel and landscape photographer also uses his art to aid humanitarian efforts around the world.

My favorite quotes from Colby? “If you can’t find inspiration in your own backyard, you’re not trying hard enough.” and “I am allergic to flash.” :p What was your favorite quote?

Thanks to Colby for these great tips:

“ Use a tripod as often as you can.”

“Learn how to blend in layers in Photoshop.”

“Find your childlike sense of discovery.”

Find out more by watching the video here or on iTunes. Upcoming guest: Tyler Stableford.

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