I once heard that when Sue Bryce photographs you, you become addicted. I wasn’t exactly sure what the meant. I mean – how do you become addicted to having your photograph taken? It is hard work to be a model – I can see it as thrilling, exciting, but addictive? Not so much. I ate my words on this one…

Those of us familiar with Sue Bryce and her stunning work understand that she has a way of transforming her subjects (see before and after). Most assume its Photoshop. I was guilty of this assumption – but, I didn’t care, I just wanted to look fabulous. However, Sue doesn’t use much Photoshop …. she doesn’t have too.

Sue is very meticulous. Hair and makeup have to be flawless – she is there the entire time to make sure there is no room for error. While shooting, she notices every single detail and is constantly coaching you with her soothing, yet oh-so-sexy Australian accent – is your jaw relaxed, is your chin forward & down (her most famous line), is your hand soft, is your collar bone popping just right, is your hair BIG enough, the list goes on. And, I am certain attention to all of these elements make her an astounding portrait photographer….but these are techniques and Sue Bryce’s skill supersedes mere technique.

Which leads us to why I am addicted to Sue Bryce and the greatest lesson she has taught me. It’s really quite simple…..Beauty.  She makes you feel like the most beautiful, sexy, desirable, confident person on earth.  She went beyond showing me in my best light, she actually allowed me to view myself in a new way.  Now this is a gift, which, 10 months later, I am still riding the high of.

So this is one of the many things I have learned from Sue Bryce: Beauty is beyond the physical and radiates from all of us – sometimes we just need someone to coax it out.  As a portrait photographer practice making your subjects feel like a million bucks, – the camera has a funny way of recording the non-physical.


The photo shoot was taken at the incredible Jade Studios in San Francisco, California. Clifford Hashimoto is a genius and a true master at hair and makeup, it was a pleasure to be able to be transformed by him! Want to hear more details about the shoot? Check out episode 28 of TWiT PHOTO with Sue Bryce.

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