This image is part of a 1940s “Woman of War” period piece I shot at San Francisco’s historic Julia Morgan Ballroom, which is nestled downtown right along the cable car lines and is one of the city’s architectural crown jewels. With this sumptuous and storied environment as my backdrop, I coordinated a 10-person team of Bay Area creatives to collaborate on this project. While my first passion is fine art wedding photography, I am also an avid practitioner of portraiture. I value beauty for the sake of beauty, and this particular project unifies my aesthetic vision with the delicate whimsy of fashion and the magnetism of femininity. The enchanting models made it easy to manifest my aesthetic vision: the elegance, femininity, grace, and class of San Francisco’s 1940s women. They might have been married, but they were educated and empowered, with the freedom to join one another in a luxurious environment, content with the enveloping company of other women.

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