Ever since I got on Google+, which is a great platform for photographers and a great way to admire a plethora of crisp and large images, I’ve caught on to the Photowalk bug. A few weekends ago, my team and I organized our first Photowalk at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco – part of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk initiative – and we had a great time exchanging pointers on photography as well as getting to know all our participants. We ended the day feeling really good about the event, but imagine our surprise when we logged into Google+ and saw all the exceptional photographs that resulted from our walk. As promised, we selected two winners for our Photowalk contest – Father-Photographer-Realtor-Golfer-Geek-Author-Fly Fisherman Keith Cuddeback (image, top) and New Media Designer Karaminder Ghuman.

See 12 honorable mentions below and visit our Photowalk album to see other entries. In addition, Rohith Thumati , we will be sending you a Lowepro strap as a token of our appreciation for being such an awesome contributor. Don’t forget to scroll down to see a summary of the events of the day ☺

When we pulled into the winding roads of Golden Gate Park, my lighting director, Ryan, studio manager Trish, her boyfriend Mark and I were all pleasantly surprised at the ease with which we were able to find a parking spot. Right then, I knew the day was going to be fabulous! For days leading up to my first Photo Walk ever, we were concerned about all the possible odds that were stacked against us that coming weekend. There was the Strictly Hardly Bluegrass Festival, which reportedly expected 700,000 people blocks down the same park. There was the possible fog so famously celebrated yet dreaded at the same time in San Francisco. And, yes, there’s the parking situation – or perhaps more appropriately, the lack of parking in the city, especially at the weekends.

Against all these odds, we enjoyed a few hours of gorgeous, sunny weather, starting at the Japanese Tea Garden, where we had a fun group shot taken by contest winner Keith Cuddeback and everywhere you turned, there was someone with a camera! At the De Young Museum, I gave an unconventional portraiture lesson using Trish as my model and Ryan also gave a lighting lesson nearby at the Music Concourse Bandshell, where we shared our tips on our favorite California Sunbounce reflector. It wasn’t just all lessons on photography of course; everyone had a blast getting to know each other over drinks at The Little Shamrock just outside of the Golden Gate Park – see more images by superb photographer Carl Costas here. Thanks to everyone for coming out this year and to my team for putting this awesome event together – until next year!


I love your groups’ photos! Looks like you guys had a great time! Our group was great, but we had horrible weather. Rain and cold in New York City, at the hiline elevated park.

Love the group shot!

Hey, Loved the blog and the photo’s from your photo walk. I did one at Seward Park in Seattle. We were stuck with grey over cast. However I got a few good ones in. Any how just wanted to say I enjoyed your Blog.

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