For those of you wondering why I disappeared off the face of the earth for a week…. I was in Vegas for  EIGHT days. It was an incredible trip!  The week started with album judging where I served on panel of 10 international judges (1 of 5 selected from the United States.)  This was quite an honor considering the convention had over 10,000 attendees! 

My favorite albums of the comp are by Jerry Ghionis, Jim Garner. and the The Sallees. I also was a young gun – more information and photos to folllow! And finally, I had my Platform class on St. Pattys day.  The class was a huge success with nearly 1000 people there.  We even had people bringing in chairs from other classrooms.  All and all a great trip!Below is a photo of three of my favorite people at wppi, Melisa Slater, Lori Nordstrom,  and Deette Sallee.